Who we are_

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Alexandra Feenstra, © Traci White
Get Good At_ is managed by Alexandra Feenstra. Since she was young, she has been influenced by people from different cultural and language backgrounds. She was born in Germany and grew up in England and Germany, attending international schools in both countries. She studied in England and the Netherlands. She attained understanding of cultural differences and practices through her studies, travel and work in various countries, which set the course for an internationally diverse future. She lived and worked in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Rwanda in relocation, project coordination and management, and education. Through her first-hand experience of the challenges encountered by living among people from different cultural backgrounds she knows what it is like to be a stranger in a new country and to be faced with learning new ways of approach and thinking. This has enabled her to identify similarities and differences between various cultures and to learn strategies to adapt. She has been immersed in various cultural environments for over twenty years. These life experiences allow her to relate to people who are new to a country or who do not yet feel at home in their host country. Alexandra likes to use her positive energy to support people in their personal development. After more than ten years of working experience in different fields, she decided to focus on building bridges between people and sharing skills in a committed and enthusiastic manner. She is fluent in German, English and Dutch.

Our Approach_

Building bridges between people and sharing skills in a committed and enthusiastic manner.

Our values_


We focus on people. We see the sharing of skills as a crucial element for building bridges between peoples and cultures.


We love what we do and enjoy our work. We see training as meaningful and try to ensure that is it practical, relevant and fun for our clients.

Customised and tailored to your needs_

Every individual is different. Our focus is on your requirements. Our services are based on your specific needs.

Working method_

The client is key to our services. We start with a complimentary intake meeting in which we discuss the client’s objectives and wishes. Based on this meeting, an assessment is made of the time required to realize the goals, and we will then provide you with a quote. For more information as well as a free intake meeting appointment without any obligations, please contact us.